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The race to “zero” is on

The race to “zero” is on

Object storage does away with the tree-like hierarchical file system of NAS and replaces it with a flat structure in which all objects have a unique identifier, with rich metadata that allows indexing, search, and analytics.

Object-based storage is becoming the de-facto data at rest option for unstructured data. Here is a quick cost comparison from some of the leading object storage vendors.

  • AWS S3 – 0.023$ per GB per month for the first 50TB
  • IBM Cloud object storage, cross-region standard – 0.0242$ per GB per month for the first 500TB
  • Azure Blob Storage (LRS) – 0.015$ per GB per month for the first 50TB

What does this mean for you? As an enterprise building and running applications that use storage, it is time to look into S3 compatible storage as a first -class, close to “zero” cost, infinitely scalable storage layer

  • Use your S3 Bucket and Own your data
  • Bucket level data isolation and policy management
  • Freedom from retention limits
  • Lowest cost per GB
  • Durability and availability guarantees e.g. AWS S3 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability

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Ranjan Parthasarathy is the CEO and Co-founder of LOGIQ.AI Inc. A Stanford University graduate, Ranjan brings a unique mix of technological expertise and business acumen to the table. With a passion for solving complex problems, Ranjan is known for his pragmatic and practical approach to tackling even the toughest challenges.

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