Built-in SIEM, SOAR ready

Real-time detection of security events, automation to trigger remediation workflows with.
Built-in Security, ready to protect your enterprise from threats, malware, and ransomware.

Companies of all sizes around the world use LOGIQ

Weeks to minutes

Reduction in security analysis reporting time

2-5x faster

Faster, easy and holistical data visualization

Capabilities used

The client is an online video & AI-enabled SaaS platform that helps sales guys sell better over video calls.

Automate SecOps

1-Click interface to enable security event rules to capture threat intel in log data. Visualize, and trigger alerts to your alert destinations, and kick-off remediation and security workflows.

Crowdsourced SIEM Rules with Sigma

SOAR-ready webhooks

Use built-in webhooks to connect to ANY SOAR platform and trigger remediation workflows on detected events.

Built for scale

LOGIQ’s cloud-native architecture provides seamless scalability to cope with the accumulation and analysis of logs from all your application and infrastructure data sources during periods of high ingestion and usage.