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Inclusive Threat Defense.
Real-Time Protection.
Streamlined SecOps.

Experience complete threat defense with XDR – an innovative solution that seamlessly combines and correlates data from various sources to detect and respond to threats in real-time. Streamline your security operations and protect your business with XDR today.


Are security gaps keeping you up at night?

data sources?

Are siloed data sources causing security blind spots in your system?


Do slow correlations hamper timely threat identification and response?


Are you dealing with alert overload and struggling to prioritize threats?

Slow threat detection?

How does your system ensure rapid threat detection in complex environments?


Are manual responses causing delays in addressing security incidents?

Fragmented management?

Is fragmented management affecting your overall security posture and effectiveness?


We Can Help.
See How.


Efficiently manage alerts.

Rapid Threat

Quickly detect anomalies.

Automated Response Actions

Instantly respond to threats.


Unified view of data.

Alert Fatigue

Prioritize important alerts.
Security Posture
Comprehensive threat defense.


Cross-domain threat detection.


Top 3 Features of XDR

Correlation across multiple data sources

Correlation across multiple data sources

XDR’s ability to combine data from various sources provides a comprehensive view of the organization’s security posture. This enables early detection of threats that could otherwise be missed by siloed security solutions. The correlation of data also reduces the time and effort needed for manual threat investigation.

Automated threat response

XDR’s automated response capabilities help organizations respond to threats in real-time, reducing the risk of damage or data loss. These automated responses could include blocking malicious traffic, quarantining infected systems, or even launching counter-attacks against threat actors.
Automated threat response
Unified threat hunting and investigation

Unified threat hunting and investigation

XDR enables security teams to quickly investigate and respond to security incidents by providing a single platform for threat hunting and incident response. With XDR, security teams can easily drill down into details of an incident, trace its origin, and remediate it, all within the same platform.

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More Features

Actionable Insights

Help your organization gain actionable insights to proactively manage threats and prevent security incidents.

Fast Deployment

Deploy quickly in your environment to start seeing the benefits of the solution right away.

Easy Integration

Integrate seamlessly with existing security tools and processes to avoid any disruptions or delays.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage for all aspects of your organization's security, including endpoints, network, cloud, and more.

Threat Hunting Capabilities

Help security teams proactively hunt for threats and identify potential security risks before they become incidents.

Simplified Management

Simplified management interface that reduces complexity and enhances the security team's efficiency.

Advanced Analytics

See advanced analytics to gain deeper insights into security posture and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Continuous Improvement

Benefit from ongoing updates and improvements to ensure your organization is always protected against the latest threats and attack techniques.


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Reclaim control of data, cost and complexity.

^Free Plan is available only for self-hosting and is supported under the Basic Support plan. * SaaS prices are for annual contracts. Save 25-40% on annual contracts compared to pay-as-you-go rates. Self-hosted deployments are available only on annual plans.



Secure your enterprise with powerful extended security.

Free Plan^Upto 20 Hosts
  • Host intrusion detection (HIDS).
  • SIEM and SOAR.
  • Multi-petabyte scale.

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