Send right data to
right target every time

Send the right data to the right target every time

You have the choice to concentrate on optimizing your observability and security efforts when you route data to the appropriate tools and locations. LOGIQ drives these initiatives by enabling you to send all of your data to the locations where it adds the most value without deploying new agents and pipelines.

Routing in an observability data pipeline can provide several benefits, including:

  • Flexibility: Routing allows you to redirect and filter data streams based on specific criteria, such as the source, type, or content of the data. This allows you to easily route data to different systems or services for further processing, storage, or analysis.
  • Scalability: Routing can help to distribute data processing and storage across multiple systems, which can help to improve the overall scalability of your observability data pipeline.
  • Data Governance: Routing allows you to enforce data policies and compliance requirements by ensuring that sensitive or regulated data is only sent to authorized systems or services.
  • Troubleshooting: Routing can also be useful for troubleshooting issues in your observability data pipeline. By routing data streams to different systems or services, you can easily identify where issues are occurring and take appropriate action to resolve them.
  • Cost optimization: Routing can help to optimize the cost of your observability data pipeline by directing data streams to the appropriate systems or services. This can help to minimize the need for unnecessary storage and processing resources.

With Logiq, you can send high-value data to costly analytics tools while simultaneously storing a full-fidelity replica of the data in less expensive object storage, such as S3, data lakes, or file systems. Logiq is an observability pipeline that you can easily plug into the center of an existing system.

The key capabilities include:

  • For examining observability data and performing searches akin to finding a needle in a haystack, indexed logging systems, and SIEM tools are ideal. However, these tools can be costly and need a lot of computing power and storage to function. You can submit data with a high analytical value to LOGIQ using these methods, then drop that data after your real-time analysis is complete.
  • You can shorten the retention duration for data in your analytics tools by using Logiq to replay this data to any tool at a different stage. You can keep more data for extended periods of time and for a lot less money by routing to object storage.
  • Regardless of where you find the data, Logiq can help you mold it. You will be able to transfer data in the different requirements by many destinations by changing this data. By using this method, you and various teams can choose the finest analytics solutions without adding extra agents or forwarders and reduce the duplication of data input.

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