Collect, optimize, store, route, and replay your observability data – whenever, wherever you need it. 

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Companies of all sizes around the world use LOGIQ

Weeks to minutes

Reduction in security analysis reporting time

2-5x faster

Faster, easy and holistical data visualization

Capabilities used

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Realize benefits from LogFlow without replacing your current solution!

Intelligently reduce EPS for significantly lower TCO
Supercharge Retention and Analytics for better security and compliance
Take full control of your data/log pipeline
Future-proof your Observability/SIEM infrastructure
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Avoid any vendor lock-in


High licensing and
infrastructure costs


Very high ingest volumes


Risks introduced on turning off/skipping processing of data to reduce costs


Zero data pipeline control and flexibility


Slow identification/remediation of operations & security incidents due to large volumes containing non-essential/low quality data

The modern observability pipeline

Improve quality of upstream data ingested
  • LOGIQ.AI enables 100% control of upstream data flow
  • Dramatically reduce licensing & infrastructure cost of your observability investments without replacing current stack
Eliminate all challenges introduced due to tiering
  • LOGIQ.AI makes object storage your primary storage.
  • Eliminate need for tiering
  • Goodbye secondary storage.
  • Zero Rehydration
  • Zero Reindexing
  • Zero Reprocessing
  • Zero Reanalysis
  • Zero Operations Delays
100% compliance.
Infinite retention.
  • LOGIQ.AI stores 100% of all data on object storage as primary storage.
  • Compliance at industry’s lowest TCO
  • Compliance cost = object storage cost
  • 100% decoupling of retention from compute & license cost
Improve productivity
  • Focus resources on projects that matter
    • 100% of data 100% searchable in real-time.
    • 100% of the time.
      Eliminate data growth challenges
      • LOGIQ.AI makes storage an API
      • Zero time spent on storage expansion engineering projects.

      You can now reduce your TCO, and make your Observability and SIEM deployment 2x faster with LOGIQ.AI's LogFlow

      Take control of your data

      Rein all of your distributed log data in using powerful constructs that aggregate logs from multiple sources. Improve data quality and forward your data to one or more destinations of your choice including popular platforms such as Splunk, Elastic, Kafka, Mongo etc.

      Build robust data pipelines

      LogFlow fits right into your data pipeline to manage data operations. Our support for open standards such as JSON, Syslog, and RELP makes it easy to integrate into any pipeline.

      Create data lakes

      Create data lakes with highly relevant and customizable data partitions for optimal query performance. Use any S3-compatible store on any public or private cloud. Save more with the built-in data compression at rest.

      Rule packs for data optimization

      User pre-built rule packs to optimize data flow into target systems. Rule packs bundle rules for data filtering, extraction, tagging, and rewrite. Rule packs include fine grained control and allow users to apply the entire pack pick and choose specific rules to create custom data optimization scenarios.

      Trim off excess data

      Reduce system costs and improve performance using powerful filters. LogFlow helps remove unwanted events and attributes from your log data that offer no real value.

      Augment log attributes

      Normalize your log data with additional attributes. LogFlow also ships with built-in Sigma SIEM rules so you logs can automatically be enhanced with security events that were detected.

      Mask and obfuscate PII

      Build user-defined extraction, removal, or obfuscation rules to protect PII data in your log stream.

      Visualize data pipeline in real-time

      Parse incoming log data to extract time-series metrics for anomaly detection and facilitating downstream dashboard creation, monitoring and log visualization.

      LOGIQ LogFlow - Improve Data Quality

      Accelerator for Splunk and Elastic environments


      Use LogFlow to collect data from any type of log or API and replay your logs to your analytics tools for later investigations.


      Shape, analyze, and visualize all of your data. LogFlow helps you process and organize your log files into logs and metrics


      Shape, analyze, and visualize all of your data. LogFlow helps you process and organize your log files into logs and metrics