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Build your observability data lake with a single log aggregation tool that enables you to collect, optimize, analyze, route, and manage log data across your entire stack at any scale.

Struggling with scale, speed & costs ?


High Log Volumes

High Cost of Licensing

Slow Root Cause Analysis

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Log Diversity & Correlation

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Alert Fatigue



Log Management Can Help.
See How.

Faster MTTD
and MTTR

Log limitlessly
cost worry

Zero storage
and index

classification and

the get-go


Controls In Your Hands

Fuss-free log collection for your entire stack

Collect and centralize logs, metrics, and event data across your entire stack – whether deployed on-premises, on the cloud, or otherwise.

Use built-in, dedicated input plugins, and one-click integrations with popular data sources to onboard, streamline, and contextualize all your machine data quickly.

Reveal better data value during ingestion

Leverage the built-in library of Rule Packs that help parse, process, cleanse, and optimize log data in motion.


Rule Packs help your data teams save hours they’d usually spend extracting, processing, and parsing data for analysis.


Your stack-wide log data can now be insight and analysis-ready as they make their way to the LOGIQ.AI centralized log management platform.

Debug production issues faster

Tail incoming log streams in real-time to spot issues in production faster, right from the UI.


Query incoming logs using plain text or advanced expressions to highlight keywords of interest and download raw log data without SSH-ing into production instances.


Avoid manual context-switching by comparing and querying logs from two data sources through a single window.

Go from raw data to metrics in one click

Use Log2Metrics to transform complex raw log data into time series metrics that you can plot and visualize using a variety of chart and graph types.


You can also use Log2Metrics to create custom indices and set up alerts for events that you can route to any alert destination of your choice.

Uncomplicated search and filtering

From using plain text to identify specific keywords to complex regex queries with chained logical operators. Filter log data by application, namespace, and preset and custom time ranges.


LOGIQ.AI’s built-in query expression designer supports super-fast log querying without learning a new query language.


Avoid repeated querying for the same data-set by sharing search results through dedicated URLs, generating shareable reports, and saving frequently used search queries.

Limitless storage, minus the overhead

Store ALL of your log data in any object storage as primary data with real-time storage capabilities using InstaStore. With InstaStore, you can get rid of tiering, the complexities it introduces, and the storage operations overheads forever.


Your log data on InstaStore is fully indexed and searchable, mineable, comparable, and replayable to any target system in real-time.

Automatically detect patterns and shrink RCA windows

Automatically detect patterns in your logs. Shrink hundreds of thousands of log lines to just tens of logs with unique patterns to determine outliers that likely point out the root cause of issues.

Be instantly productive and quickly catch issues before they become critical failures. Discard false positives rapidly by shrinking search time from hours to minutes.

Be audit and compliance-ready, always

Unify log data from virtually any source, collect and maintain audit trails, and generate extensive reports against data from any time frame in mere seconds.


LOGIQ.AI enables your business to be compliance-ready through centralized log management, monitoring, threat detection and response automation, data hygiene, and security capabilities that meet any regulatory or compliance mandate.



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