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Bring predictability to ITOps so that your teams can spot emerging issues and nip them in the bud before they turn into real problems for your organization and its end-users

Catch problems before they affect your users

Go from not knowing when your servers will go down to knowing exactly when an issue can affect your end-users. LOGIQ’s proactive monitoring and alerting capabilities keeps tabs on all of your application delivery components and infrastructure, provides due warning of any likely disruptions, and allows for immediate action to avert disastrous incidents and painful outages.

LOGIQ brings predictability to ITOps so that your teams can spot emerging issues and nip them in the bud before they turn into real problems for your organization and its end-users.

Reduce MTTR and improve productivity

Slow response to outages means lost business. Your applications, microservices, infrastructure components, and network devices are all at risk of downtime. LOGIQ’s proactive monitoring capabilities provides better insight into your IT environments – whether on-premise, in the cloud, or at the edges.

Better insights help your teams to always be ready for urgent fixes and critical updates and cut resolution times to half. The reporting, alerting, and collaboration capabilities help your teams work with each other to decide on the best course of action for your business’ needs.

Greater full-stack visibility, better analytics, and faster incident response

LOGIQ provides visibility into applications, services, and systems using various tools like data tables, status dashboards, performance graphs and charts, heat maps, tracing, system health metrics, analytics, reports, and many others. Full-stack visibility can be realized with LOGIQ’s all-in-one platform that provides Application Performance Management, Infrastructure, Cloud Monitoring, Metrics Management, and Log Management and Analytics.

LOGIQ’s InstaStore can be leveraged by organizations to centralize and consolidate all the events, logs, traces, and metrics to determine the root cause and orchestrate a better response to incidents in real-time.

Leveraging LOGIQ’s all-in-one platform that provides full-stack visibility, analytics, and incident response integrations allows teams to significantly improve the SLAs of the services they manage.


Your teams are desperately trying to keep pace with the sheer volume of machine data that is generated in today’s hybrid multi-cloud world. They are juggling hundreds of alerts, struggling to detect and investigate critical problems, and always on the lookout for key factors that affect service to users. Successful digital transformation initiatives require AIOps.

LOGIQ’s AIOps capabilities allow teams to instantly be alerted to anomalies even without pre-configured rules and alerts. With AIOps powered by LOGIQ, your teams can make timely and informed decisions to resolve problems or take preventive actions to avoid them altogether.

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