Store everything limitlessly on object storage with InstaStore

InstaStore is a single-tier storage platform built atop any object storage that fully indexes incoming data and enables uniform, on-demand, and real-time access to all data. With built-in infinite scalability, you’ll never need to kickstart or manage another log storage project ever again.

Integrate InstaStore with your favorite object storage platform

Works on any object store

Turn your favorite object storage system, on-premises or cloud, into your primary and only storage layer for observability data. Get hot storage like speed on object storage to easily access and ship your data across public or private clouds to build applications, perform analytics, and speed time to insight.

Gain instant access to data at rest

InstaStore indexes 100% of all incoming observability data from all your data sources. Data at rest uses Apache Parquet format that ensures data availability at any scale, simplified retrieval, and faster time to insight.

On InstaStore, repository and processing come together to enable data access that’s 2x faster and columnar data retrieval.

Retain master data from all your data sources

Ingest and store every byte of observability data on InstaStore at object storage prices. InstaStore enables uniform access to unfiltered master data and data optimized for your target systems in real time.

Use built-in forwarders to make master data available in downstream applications for additional context. 


Never lose a single byte

The elastic design of InstaStore ensures high storage availability in the most voluminous data environments. InstaStore enables your data pipelines to scale horizontally to handle any unexpected data spikes at endpoints, avoid data backlogs, and prevent data loss at scale.

With InstaStore, you’ll never have leaks in your observability data pipeline. 

Search and replay historical data instantly

Since InstaStore indexes all your machine data, you can query, retrieve, and replay historical data from any timeframe in an instant. Whether you’re retrieving one log line from several billion or a batch of logs from a year ago, InstaStore gets them ready to be replayed to any target system of choice in real time. 

Limitless storage, minus the overhead

Store ALL of your log data in any object storage as primary data with real-time storage capabilities using InstaStore. With InstaStore, you can get rid of tiering, the complexities it introduces, and the storage operations overheads forever.

Your log data on InstaStore is fully indexed and searchable, mineable, comparable, and replayable to any target system in real-time.

Unlock better compliance at scale

Unify, store, and secure all your machine data centrally on InstaStore. With object storage at its core, InstaStore enables low-cost longer term retention with superfast querying, real-time access, and extensive auditing and reporting capabilities that enable your company maintain and demonstrate compliance. 

With centralized log management, proactive analytics and monitoring, granular reporting and audit trails, and built-in security controls, InstaStore and the LOGIQ platform help you maintain continuous compliance at any scale.