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Fortify Your Systems.
Detect Stealthy Threats.
Master Security Management.

proactively protect your systems by detecting intrusions, monitoring file integrity, analyzing logs, and unmasking rootkits. Enforces policy compliance, detect anomalies, and centralize management for informed decision-making and a robust security posture.


Are you struggling to handle
vast data from complex, distributed systems efficiently?

Undetected intrusions and breaches

Unauthorized file

Inefficient analytics and overlooked threats

Hidden rootkits compromising security

malware infections

policy enforcement

Overlooked anomalies and delayed alerts

Decentralized security management


We Can Help.
See How.

Intrusion detection and prevention
File integrity
Log analysis and monitoring
Policy enforcement and compliance
Anomaly detection and alerting
Centralized management and reporting


Every control.
At your fingertips.

Intrusion detection and prevention

Actively safeguards your systems from unauthorized access, enhancing security and minimizing the risk of data breaches.

File integrity monitoring

Detects unauthorized file modifications, ensuring data integrity and helping prevent potential security threats.

Log analysis and monitoring

Streamlines log management and identifies critical events, enabling timely responses and informed decision-making.

Rootkit detection

Unveils hidden rootkits, bolstering system security and thwarting covert threats.

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More Features

Malware detection

Identifies and isolates malicious software, protecting critical data and system performance.

Policy enforcement and compliance

Ensures consistent adherence to security policies and regulatory standards, mitigating the risk of penalties and reputational damage.

Anomaly detection and alerting

Pinpoints unusual behavior, facilitating rapid response to potential security issues and minimizing potential damage.

Centralized management and reporting

Simplifies security administration and delivers comprehensive insights, empowering informed, data-driven decision-making.


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Reclaim control of data, cost and complexity.

^Free Plan is available only for self-hosting and is supported under the Basic Support plan. * SaaS prices are for annual contracts. Save 25-40% on annual contracts compared to pay-as-you-go rates. Self-hosted deployments are available only on annual plans.



Secure your enterprise with powerful extended security.

Free Plan^Upto 20 Hosts
  • Host intrusion detection (HIDS).
  • SIEM and SOAR.
  • Multi-petabyte scale.

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