Delivering health for patients with healthy digital infrastructure

360-degree visibility into application, infrastructure, and device performance and security.

Deliver a world-class customer experience

Real-time monitoring of digital operations at any scale

Healthcare and life sciences institutions generate and store vast amounts of data. More data is better for diagnosing patient health issues and ensuring timely and potentially life-saving diagnoses and treatments.

Every interaction with a patient generates vast and complex volumes of data streams that contain information about the performance and security of devices and applications. Multiplied across tens of millions of patients, the volume of data becomes astronomical.

LOGIQ.AI centralizes data across every device, application, server, and API at hyper-scale to provide real-time insights and intelligence to teams responsible for ensuring the uptime and reliability of the supporting digital systems. With enterprise-grade capabilities like machine-learning-driven anomaly detection, alerting, incident response management, IT teams can rapidly identify potential issues, determine their root cause and fix problems before impacting the level of service provided to patients.

Pre-empt issues and incidents

Every mission-critical system that healthcare and life sciences institutions operate needs a platform that monitors the system round-the-clock and proactively tests the slightest anomalies before they become critical or even life-threatening incidents.

LOGIQ.AI’s AI/ML system continuously baselines application, system, and device behavior and performance, enabling the slightest anomaly to be detected and alerted. Outages and downtime can be prevented to ensure always-on digital operations that work reliably to provide the best possible patient care.

Delivering HIPAA compliance

LOGIQ.AI’s unique data pipeline management and control capabilities allow healthcare and life sciences institutions to seamlessly ensure that sensitive patient data in data streams are captured and handled automatically as per HIPAA regulations amongst others such as PCI DSS. Data ingested can be retained for 6 years or more and can instantly queried on-demand with no overheads and expensive projects.

LOGIQ.AI’s platform is SOC 2 Type II compliant delivering the confidence that healthcare institutions need in using such a system to manage and operate their digital infrastructure.

Optimizing costs of storing data for compliance

Stringent compliance standards dictate the need to store data for several years and the ability to retrieve the data that regulatory bodies demand. LOGIQ.AI’s unique InstaStore capability enables keeping data for several years at extremely low costs by utilizing object storage. More importantly, it can retrieve any data set near real-time to provide the fastest responses to any regulatory request.