Supercharge analytics and
improve predictions

The Observability Pipeline from Logiq aids your businesses in better managing your observability data and delivering rising commercial value. It unifies the flow of data coming from diverse sources, provides context to increase the value of the data, and then routes it to specific locations to encourage actionability.

Additionally, LogFlow provides a user interface that allows users to access the data and view it in an easy-to-understand format, such as a dashboard or report, which can make it easier to analyze the data and identify trends.

Rule packs for data optimization

Rule packages are used to optimize data by defining a set of rules that can be applied to data to make it more efficient or reduce its size. These rules can include things like removing unnecessary data, compressing data, and reformatting data to make it easier to process. Once these rules are defined, they can be automatically applied to the data, which can save time and resources when working with large data sets.

Trim off excess data

Reduce system costs and improve performance using powerful filters. LogFlow helps remove unwanted events and attributes from your log data that offer no real value.

Augment log attributes

Normalize your log data with additional attributes. LogFlow also ships with built-in Sigma SIEM rules so your logs can automatically be enhanced with security events that were detected.

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