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Modern DevOps
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Quickly diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems by bringing together all MELT (Metrics, Events, Logs, and Traces) data.

Complete visibility of all observability data

DevOps and SRE teams are struggling to collect, unify, and make sense of diverse, heterogeneous data across their hybrid IT environments. Siloed data, siloed tools, and siloed teams in the cloud make troubleshooting applications in hybrid environments a nightmare. 

LOGIQ helps teams to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems by bringing together MELT data across various devices, providers, hosts, frameworks, and containers. LOGIQ provides a unified view of all application performance data in a cohesive policy-based environment that delivers rapid alerting as well as easy troubleshooting and diagnostics. 

360-degree view at all times

In addition to MELT data, your DevOps and SRE teams need access to other data sources that they may have limited access to like databases, data lakes, and APIs to for added context in their investigations, detection, and analyses. When the data isn’t stored or made available in an easy way, they need to create ad-hoc tools or spend time writing queries to get their hands on the data they need.

LOGIQ enables your DevOps and SRE teams to access various data sources with one unified interface and query them, save results, and visualize all their data in real-time. More importantly, they can easily clean up their raw logs with patterns and extract metrics they need without writing any code while staying secure and compliant at the same time.

AI powered alerting and anomaly detection

Do your DevOps and SRE teams find themselves drowning in data streams, constantly busy attending to all alerts generated every step of the way? The amount of machine data generated today is enormous and rising. With a limited set of eyes that can barely keep up with all the alerting based on flat log files, your teams remain swamped with a water hose delivering more incomprehensibly huge volumes of logs – 24/7. That’s hard to manage, costly, and mostly ineffective.

LOGIQ’s AI-driven engine intelligently analyzes massive volumes of data streams, automatically baselining them and detecting any deviations from baselines created in advance by your engineers. By giving your teams visibility into exactly what they need, when they need it – without alert fatigue or overflooded inboxes – LOGIQ empowers them to be more effective and productive, no matter how large or small your team is.

Data Pipeline and Control

All observability platforms stream everything. This is like listening to someone complain about everything all the time. This “stream everything” mentality leads to DevOps and SRE teams drowning in data that is most often irrelevant to them. Observability platforms must have the ability to route and connect data streams to only those teams that need it.

LOGIQ’s platform centralizes data collection, extraction, and alerting from every application in your environment, from whatever source you want and adds the key missing element – data pipeline controllability. Through data pipeline control, LOGIQ brings rigor and precision to the edge of DevOps and SRE functions by giving a valuable mix of capabilities like flow distribution analysis, flow monitoring, regex, and attribute-based filtering to cut through the noise, uncover root causes and take action without being overwhelmed.

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