Built-in compliance monitoring and security dashboards.

Real-time monitoring of your organizations security posture.


Rapid Compliance at scale

In an increasingly regulated environment, compliance is among the top priorities for today’s CXOs. Yet compliance functions are often hamstrung by a lack of manpower, budget, and technology. LOGIQ.AI provides a compliance solution that provides coverage while being both cost-effective and fast.

Automate compliance processes

By automating compliance processes and providing out-of-the-box integrations for popular compliance frameworks like PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc. LOGIQ.AI helps compliance teams work more efficiently and improve their compliance posture. So if you’re looking for a compliance solution that can help you save time and money, LOGIQ.AI will meet your requirements.

Compliance need not be expensive and resource-intensive!

The compliance process is often seen as an expense that needs to be minimized. This can lead to compliance being given a low priority, which can have serious implications for the organization in terms of risk and reputation.

LOGIQ.AI provides a compliance solution that is both cost-effective and fast, so you can be sure of compliance and avoid penalties.

Real-time visibility into your compliance posture

A key requirement for compliance readiness is the need to be able to retrieve and report on compliance data rapidly. Existing processes may take days or weeks to generate the reports that are needed. This can have serious implications in terms of costs and compliance of the enterprise.  LOGIQ.AI’s compliance solution enables compliance teams to generate reports in minutes, so you can be sure of compliance and avoid penalties.

LOGIQ.AI also provides compliance teams with the ability to monitor and report on their compliance posture in real-time. This gives you visibility into your compliance risk at all times, so

Manage scale of data for compliance with ease

It is essential for enterprises to have a system that can ingest, store and retrieve data at scale and speed. LOGIQ.AI’s unique storageless architecture built on any object storage allows the enterprise to store copious amounts of data with zero impact on performance and reliability.  

So if your enterprise is struggling with compliance due to data management issues, LOGIQ.AI’s solution will be able to help you.