Banking and Finance
Money, shares, credit, investments
Facilitate the provision of healthcare to patients
Physical objects with sensors, processing ability, software etc
Media and Entertainment
Film, television, radio, print, and gaming
Sale of goods and services to consumers
Compliance Manager
Comply with industry regulations
DevOps Engineer
Diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems
IT Ops
Maintain high reliability for your business
SOC Analyst
Secure hybrid cloud operations and protect your business
Full-Stack Observability
100% visibility with LOGIQ.AI’s Full-Stack Observability Solution
Plan B for Datadog
100% Datadog with zero risks and 1/10th of its cost.
Petabyte-scale indexing and instant retrieval
AWS Observability
Gain insights into the behavior, performance, and health of your system
Kubernetes Monitoring
Leverage Kubernetes environments to identify services, pods, metrics, etc
Unlock business insights and improve efficiency with Logiq’s OpenTelemetry integration
IoT and IIoT
Ensure high levels of data-driven decision-making and powerful business outcomes

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