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About Us

Data Fabric for the Speed of Business.

What is LOGIQ.AI?

LOGIQ.AI is an enterprise data fabric SaaS dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of operational data for production operations, cybersecurity, and compliance.

Our unique data fabric architecture unifies, integrates, and connects all observability data, enabling our customers to eliminate friction, maximize value, and transform faster.

At LOGIQ.AI, we understand that data is a critical driver of business success, and we’re committed to providing our customers with decision-ready data that empowers them to take prompt action in improving their business and applications. Our platform is designed to empower business, security, and technology leaders to bring world-class experiences to their customers.

Founded in 2019, we have made it our mission to enable businesses to do observability on their terms. We understand that businesses have unique needs, and our platform is designed to provide them with the flexibility and choice they need to get the most out of their observability data.

At LOGIQ.AI, we believe in not locking-in our customers. We understand that businesses need the freedom to choose the tools and platforms that work best for them, and our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with their existing infrastructure. We believe that businesses should never have to compromise on speed, scale, features, or cost.

We believe in providing our customers with the flexibility and choice they need to get the most out of their data, and we’re committed to helping businesses do data right.

Our Values


We exist to serve our customers. We pay
attention to their needs and obsess over
solving their problems with an emphasis
on speed, simplicity and cost-efficiency.
We work extremely hard to earn the trust
of our customers across every interaction.


Respect is the backbone of how we treat
everyone. No matter what the stakes – high
or low- we treat everyone and each other
with respect. For us respect means treating
people with dignity and care even if they
are different from us or disagree with us.


We will do the right thing at all times no
matter the cost. We will do the right thing
even when no-one is watching or will ever
know. We honour our commitments to our
customers, partners and each other. We
acknowledge when we make a mistake and
accept the consequences.


At LOGIQ, we have the insatiable desire to
be the absolute best in what we do. To this
end, we look at making anything we do
great at first and iterate till it is the best it
can be. We strive for excellence yet put a
premium on speed.


We are not afraid to take the road less
travelled. We are not afraid to dive deep
into the unknown, speak the unspoken, and
do what’s not been done before. By
confronting the status quo, we know we will
serve our customers best and create


We strive to have the spirit of the
honeybadger. Fearless and unrelenting in
our quest for the goal. We don’t fear failure.
We don’t fear anyone bigger. We don’t fear
any challenge. There’s no goal too far or too
big for us to overcome.

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