Trillions+ Events Managed

Full stack. Infinite scale. Observability Data Fabric

Unify Logs, Metrics, Tracing, and Security in One Platform. Collect, Store, Analyze, Transform, and Route  Observability data on-demand.

Gain data agility, automation, cost savings, and compliance

Instantly reduce TCO by 50-95% on any observability project


  • Ingest from any source

  • Collect using any agent

  • Eliminate data duplication

  • Use push/pull for ingest

Store and Organize

  • On any object-store

  • 100% indexed for fast queries

  • Get on-demand results

  • Get on-demand compliance

  • Build real-time data lake


  • Powered by AI/ML

  • Detect data patterns

  • Identify data noise

  • Spot anomalies in real-time


  • Protect your data

  • Gain privacy and security controls

  • Enrich data for better analytics

  • Eliminate data noise


  • Route to any target

  • Mine and Replay data on-demand

  • Get the right dataset every time

LOGIQ.AI data fabric connects observability data from any source to any destination.

Gain Operational Control

Collect operational metrics across applications and infrastructure and gain actionable insights that help you scale with confidence while maintaining high availability.

Achieve Business Agility

Fuel business decisions and better user experiences by collecting, transforming, and analyzing behavioral data and usage patterns from business systems.

Manage Security and Compliance

Don’t let new attack techniques catch you off guard. Detect and analyze threat patterns from multiple sources and automate threat prevention and remediation.

Realize benefits from the LOGIQ.AI data fabric without replacing your current solution!

Intelligently reduce EPS for significantly lower TCO
Supercharge Retention and Analytics for better security and compliance

Take full control of your observability data pipelines

Future-proof your enterprise with a real-time Data lake

Group 434

Avoid vendor lock-in while enabling multiple vendors!

Realize benefits from the LOGIQ.AI Data fabric without replacing your current solution!

Data automation for all your observability data

Applications, Devices, Networks, Operating Systems, IoT Sensors, Web traffic and more


Stream and analyze logs across your applications and infrastructure in real-time, generate quick and insightful visualizations from log data flows, and troubleshoot issues with AI and ML-driven analytics at any scale.


Analyze all your APIs, identify patterns and behavior that help you troubleshoot issues, prevent threats preemptively, understand API usage, and confidently ship great APIs.

Application & Infrastructure

LOGIQ’s Prometheus-backed, monitoring engine generates insightful metrics that let you monitor the health and performance of all your applications and infrastructure flows and troubleshoot anomalies at scale.

Security events

Built-in support for a rich data base of crowdsourced security rules allows instant tagging of security events in real-time. Support for open source HIDS agents such as OSSEC, Atomic etc. allows instant data engineering on security data.

Companies of all sizes around the world use LOGIQ.AI

Performance at scale

75TB of logs per month, 30K EPS, peak load of 160GB/h

More data with #ZeroStorageTax

Ingested and retained 2.5x more data at half the cost and no storage tax

Capabilities used

OpsGenie ITOM

The client is a leading provider of device management and application enablement for IoT & IIoT.